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Rainy Day Activities to Keep Students Active

Rainy days may not be your child's favorite because it means they're stuck indoors all day. Before they have a chance to turn on their video games and lose the entire day in front of a screen, set up some fun rainy day activities that they will enjoy.

Bake Some Treats

Rainy days tend to also be quite chilly, so warm up your home and keep your child active by inviting them to bake some treats for the family. Have them find a recipe online that they want to make and then have them read through it so that they understand how to do it all. Have your child read the ingredients and then gather them all before you start. Not only will this help them practice their reading, but your child's measuring skills will also be put to the test along with their ability to follow directions.

Make Reading Fun

The bad weather outside makes it the perfect time to cozy up by the fire and enjoy a good book. However, if your child doesn't consider this their type of fun, make it more exciting by acting out a book together. Have your child pick a book and then take turns reading out loud to each other while acting out what's going on in the story.

Get Active

Many students get antsy when they have to spend all day indoors, so be prepared with some fun activities that will get them moving. You can take turns creating obstacle courses for each other in the living room or you can set up a scavenger hunt for your child. Get the whole family involved and play a game of charades.

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