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How to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

Since electronics are a great way to get your child interested in academics, it's easy to let them spend hours absorbed in a screen. However, spending all day staring at a phone screen or tablet isn't ideal, so reducing your child's screen time may be a serious concern. To do this effectively, check out these tips from The Tutoring Center, Montebello.

Set New Rules

Your child may not like it, but setting rules around electronics use can be an effective way to reduce the amount of time they spend absorbed in a screen. Start by making certain electronics a reward, such as the television or video games. For example, your child will have to finish their homework before they're allowed to turn the television on. You can also make certain areas or your home or certain hours electronics-free. Your child's study space or the dinner table are great examples of spaces that may be better off without any electronics.

Lead By Example

You may not notice it, but children often model their behavior after what they see their parents doing. To set the right example, reach for a book instead of grabbing your tablet when you have some downtime. Avoid getting distracted by work emails or text messages at the dinner table or when driving so that your child sees the importance of being present.

Plan New Activities

Asking your child to stop using their phone so often may seem easy enough, but it will take more than that for it to actually happen. Give your child more options so that they don't sit around bored waiting for when they can finally use their phone again. A family game night is a great way to get the entire family away from their electronics while having fun. Paper crafts, baking, or even taking a field trip to a museum are other alternatives that may interest your child.

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