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Study Tips for More Effective Study Sessions

Studying may sound like it's easy enough, but there are actually ways to ensure your child's studying is more effective. To learn more about how your child can improve their study habits, continue reading.

Remove Tech Distractions

Students today are surrounded by all types of distractions and are especially susceptible to those related to technology. Help your child stay focused on their study material by making their study space an electronics-free space. This means no cell phones, tablets, video games, or televisions in their study space. Ideally, no laptops or computers would be permitted, but these may be needed for their studying.

Not Making Enough Time

Procrastination is a bad habit that can be hard to break, so be sure your child never gets in the habit of leaving their studying until the day before a test. Instead, encourage them to make time to study every day even if they don't have a set test date coming up yet. This can ensure they learn their lessons completely over a period of time instead of just memorizing information for a test.

Take Better Notes

Note taking is a skill that can always be improved upon. If your child's notes aren't helping them too much during their study sessions, it may be time to try a new note-taking method. Look for different note-taking techniques until your child finds one that works for them.

After School Tutoring in Montebello

Tutoring in Montebello isn't just about completing homework. Students can improve note-taking skills, organization skills, and study skills with the help of a tutor. Contact The Tutoring Center, Montebello CA at (323) 490-7470 to learn how your child may benefit from tutoring.


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