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Help Your Child Master Reading Aloud

Reading aloud can be a daunting task for students who aren't confident in their reading abilities. If this sounds like something your child is struggling with, these reading tips from The Tutoring Center, Montebello can help.

Don't Push Them into It

If your child is just learning to read, pushing them into reading aloud before they're ready to do so can make the task even more stressful. For the time being, read aloud to them while pointing out the words as you read them. This can help them focus on the words as you read them, helping them develop their own reading skills. After a while of this, you can start reading aloud together until your child is ready to do it on their own.

Practice With a Different Audience

If your child is shy about reading aloud to you, have them practice with a different audience first. If they have a younger sibling, they can read to them as practice. Even if their sibling is a baby, this can help your child develop their confidence and can even make them feel like a responsible big brother or sister. They can also practice reading to their pet or stuffed animals until they're ready for another audience.

Let Your Child Choose the Reading Material

Allowing your child to choose the reading material can get them more excited about reading. Let them pick their favorite storybook, graphic novel, or any other book they enjoy so that reading is a lot more fun. If they're excited about the reading material, the more motivated they'll feel to participate.

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