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Prepare for a Presentation

Presentations can be intimidating no matter who you are or how old you are.  For students, presenting in front of the class isn't just scary, it can also affect their grades. To help your student prepare for their next presentation and hit it out of the park, teach them these simple tips.

Do the Work

Some students think a presentation will be easy because they can use some sort of visual support with the information they need. However, if your child plans to create a slideshow and pack it full of text, this won't lead to a great presentation. Not only is tons of text not audience-friendly, but it can also lead to your child reading to the audience rather than engaging them. Instead, have your child do the work to learn their topic and presentation thoroughly. This will allow them to look at their audience, make eye contact with them, and really hook them as they present.

Use Your Voice

Your child's control of their voice during a presentation is crucial. To start, they need to speak at the right volume so that all of their peers can hear them clearly. They also need to work on speaking at the right speed. Since most students get nervous about presentations, they tend to speak fast in order to get it over with. This, unfortunately, shows that the presenter is nervous. Instead, have your child speak at a calm pace with inflection so that it doesn't sound monotonous and boring.

Have Some Presence

The way your child stands can also send all sorts of signals to their audience. Practice their posture at home and the way they move around their stage. Have them move around a bit in order to avoid hiding behind a desk or a podium. This will make their presentation more engaging and exciting. Finally, encourage them to use their hands as they speak since this can make their presentation look more natural and convincing.

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